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Working with Archetypes of the Divine Feminine

Mythology and history are filled with goddesses. A simple google search will show you images, lore, and what specialty the goddess is associated with. Stories of goddesses range all over history and cultures, from different geographic areas, to different religions.

When first stepping into the Divine Feminine path I came across 5 archetypes that stood out the most. The Lover, the Mother, Medicine Woman, Dark Goddess, and Warrior. 

Since then I've been introduced to so many more. The Priestess, The Mystic, The Maiden, The Crone, The Muse, The Protector, and Wild Woman. The list could go on.

These archetypes are all aspects that we all carry within ourselves.

They are all tiny threads that are woven together to make us whole. We have all of these archetypes within us. Some are more prominent than others, but all accessible. We might find we connect more with the Mother or the Lover, and only occasionally access the Warrior or the Priestess. Yet this doesn't mean you can't embody them all.

When meditating and connecting with the Divine a great way to go about it is to focus on a single archetype. 

Which ever one calls to you most strongly in any given moment is who you want to embody. And a lot of goddesses can help us access similar parts of ourselves. 

By connecting with goddesses you can become more in-tune with your own cycles and natural rhythms.

Death and rebirth.

Creation and destruction.

Nurturing and devouring.

Light and Dark.

You can dive deeper into your psyche and spirituality.

There are dark goddesses like Kali Ma, Lilith, Medusa, Persephone, and Hekate.

Or there are Mother archetypes like Demeter, Gaia, Mother Mary. 

The Warrior Goddesses like Morrigan, Athena, and Kali Ma.

By putting on some music and sinking into our bodies we can journey into parts unknown and work with these archetypes to reveal hidden truths within ourselves. Sink into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine.

Each of these archetypes are doorways to unlocking parts of ourselves. 

Which archetype do you resonate with the most?

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