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March's Featured Goddess: Inanna

The ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna, could easily be called on of the original fertility goddesses. Worshipped over 6,000 years ago in Sumer (now Iraq). She is known as the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Morning and Evening Star (which we know refer to as Venus), and was a goddess of love, fertility, beauty, sex, and war.

She represents the Divine Feminine in all her glory. She is creation herself, ruling over the earth and sky. Inanna wasn’t always a goddess though. She was born of divine parents but sent to earth to await her throne. She transformed from woman to goddess in the story of her and Enki, the God of Wisdom. Many believe Enki to be her father, as he refers to her as his daughter in the story. One night they both get drunk and he starts toasting to Inanna. At first, he toasts and gives her the priesthood, godship, a throne, and the noble crown. He continues to toast to her and give her gifts thirteen more times. After which he passes out and she leaves with her new treasures in the Boat of Heaven. It wasn’t until afterwards when the God of Wisdom sobers up that he realizes everything he had is missing. He asks his servant what happens and sends him out at once to stop Inanna and the boat. After seven failed attempts Inanna arrives back to her city of Uruk with her new treasures and prospers.

In one of her more famous myths, Inanna descends to the Underworld to visit her sister Ereshkigal, after the death of her husband. Inanna prepares for her descent by putting certain measures and safeties in place to ensure she can make it back to Earth. She knows her sister is full of tricks and fears being stuck in the Underworld. When she descends, she must pass through seven gates, and at each gate she is asked to give up something in return before she can proceed deeper. These things include items such as her crown, her necklace, and robe. She finally lands in the Underworld completely naked where judgements were passed on her and is met with the eye of death from Ereshkigal. She is turned into a corpse and hung up on a hook on the wall. Her rescue plan is eventually enacted and she is rescued by her servant and able to leave the Underworld.

This powerful story depicts the descent and rise into our shadows, into our own personal Underworlds. I believe Inanna’s story is one of hope, of finding the light at the end of the tunnel. When things were at their darkest, she was still able to overcome them. Life isn’t always easy, it’s full of many ups and downs, but the Queen of Heaven reminds us to have faith, to trust, and to most of all, continue to fight for our way to the top.

As a fertility goddess, she reminds us that you can have it all. You can create any life you wish too. You can pull yourself up out of the shadows and ascend to your throne. You are life force energy itself. We all have untapped Shakti energy pulsating through our veins. What you choose to do with it is entirely up to you. Some of gifts Enki bestowed upon the goddess range from things like, truth, dagger and sword, loosening of the hair, prostitution, the art of song, the art of power, the rejoicing of the heart, travel, the art of kindness, craft of builder, of scribe, and smith. The Divine Feminine flows with so many gifts. So many opportunities to create.

If you'd like to learn more about Inanna and deepen into the life force energy that is Shakti, join us inside the Monthly Goddess Alignment where each month we explore one face of the Divine Feminine. You'll find printables, guided meditations, and weekly videos to assist you in your journey.

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