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Feminine Archetypes

In Feminine Archetypes, two-time author and modern Priestess Courtney Tiffany weaves together a brand-new way of approaching archetypes, goddess spirituality, and self-exploration. Through archetypal embodiment, she teaches us to awaken to the various threads of Shakti by exploring thirteen archetypes of the Divine Feminine.


The feminine archetypes will teach you how to heal the wounds you carry, lovingly embrace your shadow, and empower you to live authentically. Through journal prompts and rituals you will examine your own relationship with each archetype, and honor all expressions of who you are.


Learn how to embody the well-known archetypes of the Maiden, Mother, Lover, and Warrior in their most divine expressions. Get to know the frequently suppressed archetypes of the Witch, Dark Goddess, and Mystic. And become reacquainted with the lost archetypes of Priestess and Hearth Keeper.

By learning how to embody each archetype you will awaken the powerful life force within you, and weave together the gifts of the Divine Feminine. Get ready to remember who you are, reclaim your power, and embody your truth.

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Awaken the Archetypes

It's one thing to read and learn about the archetypes, it's an entirely deeper experience to EMBODY them. Learning how to awaken and tap into the energy of each Divine archetype within you allows you to not only learn more about yourself, but helps you heal any wounds, and step further into your true soul essence.


Courtney offers archetypal activations (available via Patreon) to help you step into these energy frequencies within self. Learn more about each archetype below. 

The Maiden

Activating the Maiden within makes you excited about life again. Embodying the Maiden awakens to the beauty and magic all around you. The Maiden sees things a little bit differently than the Mother or Crone. She comes with a fresh perspective. She is passionate and enthusiastic and gives you a dose of the child-like wonder we could all use a little bit more of. ⠀

Activating your inner Lover is like opening up to a life of bliss and ecstasy. The Lover wants you to follow your desires, bring more joy into your life, and experience pleasure on all levels. The Lover teaches you to be vulnerable. By surrendering to the flow of the Lover you also activate our creativity. What could be better than that?

The Lover
Wild Woman

The archetype that feels and expresses it all. She reminds you that our feelings are valid. She urges you to live closer to the land, to honor your own cycles and rhythms. She is the archetype that helps you connect with your authentic self and learn to express yourself freely.

The archetype of the Queen reminds you how powerful you are. She reminds you that you are the ruler of your kingdom. You are allowed to create whatever life you choose, and you sit as a sovereign being on the throne of it all. ⠀


The Hearth Keeper holds safe the eternal flame. She connects you with our own inner fire. It's this flame that you can determine what is true or false for yourself. The Hearth Keeper teaches you to tend to your inner flame by doing things that bring you joy, ignite your passions, and connect to your inner Divine wisdom. The Hearth Keeper holds steady the light that allows you to find your way out of the shadows. 

The Witch is one of the most misunderstood and wrongly portrayed archetypes. A Witch is someone who knows how to heal themselves. She can transmute energy. She has many esoteric gifts and she uses those to help herself and her community. You might know her as a healer, shaman, medicine woman, or alchemist.  


The Mother, the most recognizable archetype, the one that connects us all. When Divinely aligned, she is the most gentle, nurturing, supportive, and loving archetype. To heal any mother wounds you might have around this archetype you can work with this archetype and turn to the great Mothers, Gaia, Demeter, Pachamama to offer heal your inner child and provide you with unconditional love. 

The Dark Goddess is an archetype of power, liberation, and transformation. The creator and destroyer. Working with the Dark Goddess helps you go into your shadows and bring to light any unconscious patterns that are limiting you from your own growth. Her fierce love will direct you to remove your ego from the equation and live from a place of fierce, Divine, soul-based love. 


When we often think of the Warrior we often think of battle, fighting, and brute strength. Yet the feminine aspect of the Warrior is one of inner strength, bravery, and perseverance. The feminine Warrior can be soft and gentle, yet strong in her boundaries and beliefs. She trusts her inner wisdom when discerning what is worth fighting for. Embodying the Warrior helps us step into our power, use our voice, and be confident in all that we do. 

The Priestess is devoted to her spiritual path and being a beacon of light in her community. She is a guide and offers support and services to those within her community to better connect with the Divine. She serves from a place of love and is constantly deepening her own faith and spiritual practices to better serve those around her.

The Priestess Activation coming soon.

The Priestess

The Huntress is a women with her eye on the prize. She has big plans for her life and won't let anything get in her way to achieve them. She chooses to not listen to the nay-sayers. She is a researcher, with a plan in place to create the life she's always wanted, and she consciously chooses to take steps every single day that will help her find the bullseye. With unwavering determination, balanced masculine and feminine energy, and big dreams she is truly unstoppable.

The Mystic is on a life long quest for truth. She is deeply intuitive and longs to find alignment with her true soul essence. She is the wisdom seeker, the deep diver, the explorer. The Mystic is open to the divine mysteries of the universe and incorporates her spirituality into her way of life.

The Mystic

The Crone is the Wise Woman. Keeper of knowledge and ancient wisdom. Through her life experiences she has learned how to balance it all. She has reached true alignment and now teaches those who are ready to listen. Within her stories are the lessons and keys to awakening. She has lived through many cycles of life, death, and rebirth and can show us how to navigate them all.

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