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January's Featured Goddess: the Morrigan

The Celtic goddess of battle, death, and prophecy strikes fear in many people’s hearts. No one wants to call on the goddess of death. She is the probably the last one you would like of working with. Yet we death is a part of the natural order of things. Things die and are reborn all the time.

The Phantom Queen gifts us with the ability to cut ties, to let go of old beliefs and behaviors. Every ending we face in life is gift, for it allows us to begin again. The slate it wiped clean and we get to start over. How many times in your life have you wished for a second chance? A do-over? This is just one of the opportunities we receive when dealing with the goddess of death. It doesn’t have to mean death to our physical forms. We can bring death to the abusive relationships, the soul-sucking career, to our inner critic that tells us on repeat “you are not good enough”. By saying goodbye to any number of things, we are presented with a rebirth. An ability to begin again, to try differently, to choose a different path.

The Queen of the Otherworld is very mysterious in her ways of communicating.

She never says things in a straightforward manner. Her wisdom come in various symbols and coded messages. She wants you to work for it. Because how else are you going to be given the opportunity for rebirth if you aren’t willing to do the work?

The Morrigan calls for us to stand up. To stand up for ourselves, rooted in our personal power. She wants to know you actually want what it is you are working for. She won’t just hand it over. You must prove your worth, to not only her, but to yourself. She is a goddess of battle after all, and as such she will protect her warriors, but first you must prove your strength.

This shapeshifting goddess may visit you in many of her various forms, the raven, the wolf, the eel, or cow. She is watching, from the shadows under this Wolf Moon. What is it you want to ask of her? What is it you want to release in this moment? Winter is a time of death after all. She will grant you this reprieve if you are ready to begin a new journey. Step into the Otherworld with her and she will allow you a peek into her cauldron, prophesizing what could be yours. But what are you willing to give up in return? What will you leave behind under the cloak of darkness so that under the next full moon you are ready to reemerge in a new light?

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