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February's Featured Goddess: Lakshmi

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Oh, beautiful Lakshmi. The Hindu goddess of wealth, health, and prosperity. What’s not to love? Lakshmi reminds us of the abundance of the universe. We honor her this month as we take a look around our lives and recognize all the blessings and abundance we already have. When we open our hearts and express gratitude, she eagerly gives us more. To me, her energy feels like liquid gold, seeping into every crack and crevice of my life, making everything beautiful and reminding me of all my blessings.

Lakshmi is often depicted sitting on a lotus flower, the symbol of purity, with riches surrounding her. Often times you’ll see her in a red gown and decked out in gold jewelry. Her four arms are symbolic of the four goals of humanity: dharma (pursuit of moral life), artha (pursuit of wealth), kama (pursuit of love), and moksha (pursuit of self-knowledge).

Her two lower arms represent material world pursuits. Artha, the financial support, and kama, the passion we need in our lives. Her upper arms are the spiritual pursuits of life, dharma, our life’s purpose, and moksha, or enlightenment, liberation, and freedom.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how these pursuits are all tied together. We need money, in order to put a roof over our heads, feed our children, but to also grant us the ability to go after our passions. We need passion in life if we ever want to pursue our dharma. And we need the time and space that all of these things provide to pursue moksha. Without one, we cannot have the others.

I use to have this crazy unconscious belief that to be spiritual I had to suffer. That I had to be poor, experience pain, and I would never have an easy life. I thought I had to struggle in order to “make it”. I thought people with money were greedy and “bad”. By working through a lot of past life karma, mindset shifts, and shadow work I was able to take in the abundance that is Lakshmi, and all of the Divine Feminine.

What’s I’ve come to realize is, when I’m following my passions, when I’m living out my dharma, and sinking deeper into soul alignment, I am financially abundant. By giving thanks, and putting my full trust in the Divine my life begins to flow more effortlessly. I believe this to be Laksmi’s blessing. I no longer have to “struggle” to be abundant. As a lightworker, writer, and priestess I can create the life I’ve always wanted and be rewarded. Finding that perfect balance is key. Having a prosperous mindset is key. Expressing gratitude and following your passions are all necessary to tap into that flow of golden liquid.

If you’ve ever struggled with scarcity mindset, or want help pursuing your dharma, consider working with Lakshmi, tap into her energy, her essence, and watch as the goddess of plenty seeps into your life.

If you'd like to learn more about Lakshmi, or are craving community support and wanting to sink deeper into your goddess devotion consider joining me inside The Temple There are plenty of guided meditations, videos, and resources to help you further your connection with Lakshmi.

Check out my video that dives into my detail on Lakshmi's Four Arms on YouTube and subscribe to my channel to be alerted when new videos are released every Monday.

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