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Signed Paperback of Feminine Archetypes

Signed Paperback of Feminine Archetypes


About the Book: 


In Feminine Archetypes, two-time author and modern Priestess Courtney Tiffany weaves together a brand-new way of approaching archetypes, goddess spirituality, and self-exploration. Through archetypal embodiment, she teaches us to awaken to the various threads of Shakti by exploring thirteen archetypes of the Divine Feminine.


The feminine archetypes will teach you how to heal the wounds you carry, lovingly embrace your shadow, and empower you to live authentically. Through journal prompts and rituals you will examine your own relationship with each archetype, and honor all expressions of who you are.


Learn how to embody the well-known archetypes of the Maiden, Mother, Lover, and Warrior in their most divine expressions. Get to know the frequently suppressed archetypes of the Witch, Dark Goddess, and Mystic. And become reacquainted with the lost archetypes of Priestess and Hearth Keeper.

By learning how to embody each archetype you will awaken the powerful life force within you, and weave together the gifts of the Divine Feminine. Get ready to remember who you are, reclaim your power, and embody your truth.


About the Author: 


Courtney Tiffany is a writer, intuitive, and modern Priestess of the Divine Feminine. She is the Founder of the Monthly Goddess Alignment. Author of Journey to Soul, and creator of the Goddess Affirmations Oracle Deck. She teaches women internationally how to connect to the Divine Feminine via goddess spirituality and archetypal embodiment.


  • Reviews

    "Incredibly written roadmap to a more peaceful way of living. This book is a self-help guide from a different perspective. It’s for those who have ravaged their way through all the typical self-help books to be left with the same quality of life you started with because it simply isn’t the perspective you need. Since everyone is different we all need a little variance in how we heal - this book provides that." -Jessica P.



    "I completely loved this book on its feminine archetypes. I appreciated how Courtney broke things down by providing a few small brief informative paragraphs, then goes into embodying the archetype, covers the shadow aspects of the archetype and then provides a list (although I do wish the list was a bit bigger and had more female deities that are clearly involved with that particular archetype) of female deities and then she provides a way to connect with that archetype. Not going to lie, I do wish Courtney included alternative names that some of the archetypes may also go by because upon doing research it seems that a lot of people have different names for the divine feminine archetypes.This book does provide more information on the feminine aspects, and also a little more recognition which is appreciated." -Jessica

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