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Journey to Soul Paperback - Signed Copy

Journey to Soul Paperback - Signed Copy

With so much media and advice coming at us it can be hard to know what's real. We can easily become overwhelmed with it all and struggle with anxiety or depression because we feel the need to keep up. When we find ourselves struggling and not knowing what's true anymore it's time to cut through all the noise and come back to your soul self, your true essence.

By creating a spiritual practice that specifically serves you, you will be better equipped to know what is right for you. You'll be able to tune out the noise and create boundaries for yourself.

Through a series of lessons Journey to Soul shows you how to quiet the outside world and come back home to yourself. We learn how to differentiate between soul and ego. How to face our shadows and integrate them into our being and most importantly heal. Learn how to face your fears. For life is about continuous growth, about stepping into the best version of yourself and opening up to the divine path that's been laid out for you.

They say it takes 21 days to build a new habit. This book contains 21 lessons to create those habits and build upon them with daily affirmations, gratitude, and reflection. Journey to Soul is a pathway for you to reconnect with your soul self, increase your intuition, and open up to the divine energy around you.


    Book is 5.5" x 8.5"

    177 pages 

    Published June 21, 2020

    ISBN: 9781734920918


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  • Reviews

    "I LOVE the rituals, affirmations and reflection questions in this book! I love how it invite us to be part of it instead of just listen to a story. To reconnect with my soul, play with the elements, cycles, the goddesses! Such a gift. Thank you Courtney!" - Lais S.


    "Journey to Soul is a magical book! If you are seeking a guide to help you come back home to your self- this is your book! She dives into all the various aspects of spirituality and getting to know yourself on a deeper level! I can not recommend this book anymore! DIVE IN & YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!!" - Annette S.


    "Courtney's work is tapped in spiritually and it truly shows through her lessons and guidance in this book! She takes you on a journey through your own consciousness and helps you to arrive back home within yourself. This book is a GEM to have and one I highly recommend. I will come back to it and know I can receive new lessons every time!" -Amazon Reviewer


    "If you want a how-to book to *ACTUALLY* change your life, this is it! The Affirmations and Journal prompts are so powerful and helpful for your healing journey! Courtney Tiffany is a full-fledged goddess and I CANNOT wait to see what else she comes out with next!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book!!!!" -Amazon Reviewer


    "Journey to Soul is the best place to start on your spiritual journey. Each chapter is a lesson that helps you dive deep into understanding yourself so you can create a spiritual practice. There are also in depth questions at the end of each chapter so you can do the inner work to become the best version of yourself. Courtney guides you through mindset work, overcoming fear and creating a daily practice. This is the perfect guide to get to know your true self and trust your intuition." - Jillian


    "I was fortunate enough to have gotten this book from a monthly box subscription with passion and growth. Its such a wonderful book, with great information, especially when one starts the inner work. Its a step by step guide to help during this beautiful new spiritual path. Must read" - Maria G.


    "Journey to Soul is a powerful guide to self-discovery work with practical and thought-provoking tools to help us peel back the layers of the rich, complex and beautiful humans that we all are. Courtney leaves no stones unturned and shares from a place of personal experience. Because she has embodied the work herself, the insights from this book are all the more approachable and relatable.Our world needs now more than ever for us to undertake the deep inner seeking to understand, and accept, ALL aspects of ourselves. I truly believe that if tackle wholeheartedly the lessons provided in Journey to Soul, we will not only live out a more joyful and meaningful life, but we will also change the world for the better." - Karlyn L.


    "Regardless of age or season of life as a woman, Courtney offers intricate insights for self-reflection and appraisal along our life journey. Her modern perspectives and shared experiences ignite a fresh and renewed sensibility of self, accompanied by thoughtful and applicable practices to inspire and empower us along our path. Truly a simple and worthy read for any woman wanting to embrace the walk through the phases of our own femininity." -Gina J.


    "This book could change your lifeJourney to Soul was really beneficial for me.I am happy, that I am able to find such great books because of my job, which would otherwise I wouldn't even know I need to read. Courtney Tiffany really does help the reader re-discover himself, see and feel what really is deep down below the layers we put ourselves.Many people say, that books change lives! Well, Journey to Soul is not only able to do so, it makes it easy." -Christian


    "I really enjoyed the format of the chapters and questions at the end. I’m looking forward to going through the book again and spending more time with chapters that spoke to me." -Amanda S.

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