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Crone Archetypal Activation


The Crone is the Wise Woman. Keeper of knowledge and ancient wisdom. Through her life experiences she has learned how to balance it all. She has reached true alignment and now teaches those who are ready to listen. Within her stories are the lessons and keys to awakening. She has lived through many cycles of life, death, and rebirth and can show us how to navigate them all. This energy resides in us all, regardless of our age, and it's one we can tap into when we are searching for wisdom, advice, and/or guidance. Our inner Crone knows the way... Signs it's time to work with your inner Crone - you find yourself constantly asking other people for advice - your unsure of what to do in your life - you keep asking the universe to send you a sign - you find it hard to reflect on your life because you don't want to relive the hard moments - you have a hard time letting to of things - you tend to hold grudges against other people In this workshop you'll receive: 3 video lessons: -Preparing for your activation -Crone Activation -Post Activation Self Care Guide -journal prompts -curated playlist -reflection questions -a supportive community where you can go to share and ask questions

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