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The Mother Archetypal Activation


The Mother is the most recognized and accepted archetype of the feminine. She is the nurturer, caretaker, and provider. She is our source of comfort, love, and acceptance. However, not all of us receive such comfort and love in our lives. This activation is not for you to embody the Mother, but for you to embody your inner child and be held by the Great Mother. As women we are so busy taking care of other people in our lives that we often neglect ourselves. Activating the inner mother reminds us to also mother ourselves. Taking care of ourselves and putting our emotional and spiritual needs firsts allows us to be better mothers, caretakers, and nurturers. In this archetypal activation Courtney opens the doors to the energetic frequency of the Mother to help you connect with the Great Mother and feel her unyielding support and unconditional love. This workshop includes: 4 video lessons -Preparing for your activation -Mother Activation -Post Activation Self Care Guide -Bonus Video from the 5 day Feminine Archetypes Challenge -journal prompts -curated playlist -reflection questions -a supportive community where you can go to share and ask questions

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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