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Huntress Archetypal Activation


The Huntress is an archetype that goes after her goals with fierce determination and laser focus. She has the self-discipline to see things through until the end. Signs it's time to activate your inner Huntress: -you are constantly making plans but never take the steps forward to achieving them -you are constantly procrastinating and telling yourself "I'll get to it tomorrow" -you make excuses as you why now is not the "right time" -you have a big dream but have no idea the steps you need to take to get there -you can't seem to break all the patterns of self-sabotage Connect with your inner Huntress. No more making plans and not following through. No more patterns of self-sabotage. No more periods of inaction. In this archetypal activation Courtney opens the doors to the energetic frequency of your inner Huntress to help you step into and embody your greatest heart's desires. By embodying this archetype you create the energetic signal to the universe that you are ready to go after all the big goals, and it's then easier to break the cycles and habits preventing you from achieving them. Includes 3 video lessons: -Preparing for your activation -Huntress Activation -Post Activation Self Care Guide As well as journal prompts and reflection questions, a specifically curated playlist to really help you anchor into the energy of your inner Huntress.

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