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Witch Archetypal Activation


The Witch is one of the most misunderstood archetypes. For centuries the witch has been shamed, persecuted, cast out of society, and forced to live in hiding. Because people often fear what they don't understand. The witch is a powerful archetype, and for that reason, many fear her. But the witch is one with the force of nature. She understands the natural cycle and rhythms of things. She understands the esoteric. She can easily tune into the energy around her and transform it. Take the first step to healing your witch wound. Activating your inner Witch helps you connect with the spiritual part of self, and awaken your inner esoteric gifts. The truth is you are psychic, you are intuitive, you contain cosmic wisdom deep in your bones. Connecting with you inner Witch helps you unlock those gifts. In this workshop you'll receive: 4 video lessons: -Introductory Video -Preparing for your activation -Crone Activation -Post Activation Self Care Guide -journal prompts -curated playlist -reflection questions -a supportive community where you can go to share and ask questions

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