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Dark Goddess Archetypal Activation


The Dark Goddess is an archetype of the feminine that has been shunned, ridiculed, and chastised for centuries. Why? Because they were afraid of her. The Dark Goddess holds an immense amount of power, wisdom, and mysteries. People are often afraid of things they can't explain, or worse, can't control. The Dark Goddess plays outside of the rules of society. She lives on the fringes, in the void, in the shadows. She is a creatrix, an initiator, a rebel, a changemaker, and storm bringer. The Dark Goddess is the medicine we need to liberate ourselves from the shackles of society. She initiates change within us. She releases us from the ego, limiting thoughts, outdated patterns and behaviors. She empowers us to live life on our terms. In this archetypal activation Courtney opens the doors to the energetic frequency of the Dark Goddess to help you step into and embody your raw, primal power. In this workshop you'll receive: 3 video lessons: -Preparing for your activation -Dark Goddess Activation -Post Activation Self Care Guide -journal prompts -curated playlist -reflection questions -a supportive community where you can go to share and ask questions "I would like to just say thank you for this activation. I felt every bit of it and it was an experience I've never fully had until now...I truly can't wait to experience more!" -Kat

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