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Wild Woman Archetypal Activation


Reclaim your wild, primal self. No more hiding. No more keeping your true nature all bottled up. Wild Woman live life on their terms. This is a great archetype to work with if you've been too in your head, stuck in over thinking, over analyzing every little thing. The Wild Woman helps us to get out of our heads and drop down into our bodies. She helps us reconnect with our true natures. In this archetypal activation Courtney opens the doors to the energetic frequency of your inner Wild Woman to help you step into and embody your raw, primal power. Archetypal activations are about learning to each archetype FEELS in your body. In this workshop you'll receive: 3 video lessons: -Preparing for your activation -Wild Woman Activation -Post Activation Self Care Guide -journal prompts -curated playlist -reflection questions -a supportive community where you can go to share and ask questions When you fully commit to stepping into your Wild Woman, you entire world starts to change. You are more present, in the moment. You no longer silence your emotions. You experience the FULLEST, most authentic version of you. You are led by your soul desires and create a magical life based on your terms. No more hiding, no more playing small, no more dimming your light. You have great wisdom and medicine to share and the Wild Woman empowers us to live life on our terms. "I would like to just say thank you for this activation. I felt every bit of it and it was an experience I've never fully had until now...I truly can't wait to experience more!" -Kat

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